4 Day Mixed Media Workshop: The nude

                                                Limit 6

Description : Individuals will be Photographing nudes and learning new techniques to craft beautiful pieces of art. Nude photography has the capability to capture spirituality in a classical timeless way.  Students of the workshop will spend the first day photographing paid nude models and will spend time importing photos and learning to use Photoshop and other photo editing computer programs.  Students will learn to work with different types of paint and wax within their photos along with making organic like paper through the use of leaves. Students will make ready to hang art and are encouraged to combine the techniques learned in the future to create even more unique pieces.


            Techniques Covered but not limited to:

            -Photographing the female nude.

            -Watercolor photographs.

            -Collage image transfers from found and made imagery.

            -Making and printing on bleach leaf paper.

            -Mixed media wooden-board/canvas photographs.


Lunch and breakfast is included and some dinners.


Price: Price $550 per person. (All students must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by a parent taking the workshop.)


$250 deposit is required to hold you spot. Full payment must be made by the week before workshop.


To register email Nicole Spahn at nicoleannespahn@gmail.com subject: 4-Day Workshop. In the email please specify what dates you wish to attend. Space is limited; a deposit is needed to hold you spot.


Payments can be sent either:

Paypal (if you have your bank account set up to it and send as a friend as to avoid fees)

Venmo (cell phone app)

Check by mail


Because of the sensitive nature of this workshop, it will only be open to females; males may request a private one-on-one workshop if this subject interest them. The reason for having a small female class is so that the female models are not overwhelmed.

If you would like to sponsor one of these workshops to be hosted please email Nicole Spahn at nicoleannespahn@gmail.com for more information.