5 Day Mixed Media with Emphasis on Metal Workshop


Description: This workshop is a must for anyone who wants to be heavily involved in the entire processes of producing their photograph! Students will be able to make their own paper and learn the proper way to prepare it for a printer. After a day of working with models, plants, animals, and scenery students will be given Photoshop/Lightroom tutorials. The remaining days are spent crafting unique objects!  Students will create an etching of their photos into pieces of metal and shown different ways to shape and use it in other practices, such as jewelry making. Another highlight will be combining techniques into one unique object, the technique of image transfers and the student’s choice of either encaustic or watercolor, will be used to create photographic paintings on wood and 3D pieces. We will also learn traditional techniques of making paper and an older photographic process of crafting cyanotypes. All of these techniques will have a special emphasis of incorporating metal either in the outcome of the piece or in the creation, allowing you to create your own tools.


Techniques you will learn:

-Photographing models and scenery.

-Processing photographs in Lightroom.

-Making paper, and how to print on it.

- Creating metal plated photos that can be used to make other objects.


-Creating tools.

-A 2-step process of creating photographic paintings on wood.


Lunch and breakfast is included (some dinners)


Price: Adults $700

(college/high school students with valid ID can sign up in pairs for discounted price of $600 each)


$325 deposit is required to hold you spot. Full payment must be made by the week before workshop.


To register email Nicole Spahn at nicoleannespahn@gmail.com subject 5-Day Workshop. In the email please specify what dates you wish to attend. Space is limited; a deposit is needed to hold you spot.


Payments can be sent either:

Paypal (if you have your bank account set up to it and send as a friend as to avoid fees)

Venmo (cell phone app)

Check by mail


If you would like to sponsor one of these workshops to be hosted please email Nicole Spahn at nicoleannespahn@gmail.com for more information.