Offer of Propamocarb Hydrochloride, Escorted by 85 Residues
Sirens of O-Phenylphenol Smothered alongside 12 Residues
Expelled by Iprodione, Tempted with 55 Residues
When we get Methyl Parathion Ravaged by 40 other Residues
The Suffering from Dimethoate, Accompanied with 63 Residues
Rise of Dichlorvos, Worn by 53 Residues
Fall into Diphenylamine When Touched by 47 Residues
A walk with Malathion While Painting on 14 More Residues
Forsaken Pleasure Caused through Myclobutanil, Embraced with 44
Judgment of Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene Held with 34 Residues
Mother of Methamidophos Nurtured beside 18 Residues
Installation Image
Opening night viewing
Opening night viewing
Opening night viewing
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