Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Nicole Spahn wondered endless fields of grass, lakes, and trees. Her imagination allowed her to create an outdoor fantasy-like world. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BFA in Photography and a minor in art history, however as a child this degree was not in the grand plan. She grew up wanting to save the trees and live like the Disney version of Pocahontas.


She began to ask questions such as: Why when you hear the word nature do you think of plants and animals, but you never think of mankind. We are all one; we all come from the earth, why do we associate ourselves as a separate entity from that which we came? Is it just like the child trying to separate themselves from their parents? Perhaps we separate ourselves from our mother earth because we started to feel dominant over her at one point. Though she nourished us up from the sea inviting us under her protection with food and life, we still damage her on a daily basis.


Spahn is currently interested in the psychological connection humans have with nature. Interested in the development from the stone ages into modern society, she questions why we interact with nature the way we do. She has received her MFA from Brooks Institute and is based in Santa Barbara, California.