Nicole Anne Spahn

Santa Barbara, CA



2013 – 2015

Brooks Institute                                 

Major: Master of Fine Arts in Photography                            


2008 – 2012

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

Minor: Art History




Dec. 2015          

Commencement Gallery Exhibition, group show, Brooks Institute, Ventura, CA.

Oct. - Nov. 2015            

Second Nature, group exhibition, Gallery 27, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

June - July 2015          

Aquatic, juried group exhibition, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, Santa Barbara, CA.

Sep. 12- Oct. 3           

Captured 2, juried group exhibition, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, 2014, Santa Barbara, CA.

July 2014

Studio Wall Project ‘Communication & Medium’, dual show, Venue,  Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

Jan. 2014

Studio Wall project: ‘The Third Effect’, dual show, Venue, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

Dec. 2012

Great Wolf Gallery Night, group exhibition, RAA Jazz Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.

May 2012

Reflection on Grand, group exhibition, Art Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.

Apr. 2012

Between Perception, senior class exhibition, MOCT,  Milwaukee, WI.

Apr. 2012

Union Gallery Juried Show, juried exhibition, Union Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.

Mar. 2012

Illumination, group exhibition, Kunzelmann-Esser Lofts, Milwaukee, WI.

Dec. 2011

Places in Common, group exhibition, 310 Broadway,  Milwaukee, WI.

Oct. 2011

International Art People, Places and Programs, group exhibition, The National Registration Center for Study Abroad,  Milwaukee, WI.

June 2011

Environmental Awareness, group showing, Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI.

May 2011

A Portrait of Milwaukee, collaborative exhibition, The Amplifier, Milwaukee, WI.

Mar. 2010

Focus on First, group exhibition, Live Artist Studio,  Milwaukee, WI.

Mar. 2009

Environmental Sculpture, group exhibition, Kenilworth Square, Milwaukee, WI.

Dec. 2009

Focus, group exhibition, Brewing Grounds for a change, Milwaukee, WI.

May 2008

UWM Foundations exhibition, group show, Union Gallery, Milwaukee, WI.



Mar. 2016 - Current

Artist Teacher at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

San Luis Obispo, CA

-Teaching children ages 7-8 a variety of different art techniques.

-Teaching printmaking.

-Teaching watercolors.

-Helping children advance their knowledge in the arts.


Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2015                   

Internship at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

San Luis Obispo, CA

-Cataloged permanent collection.

-Organize exhibitions.

-Assisted in fund raising events.

-Worked closely with art director Ruta Saliklis.


May 2015 - Sep. 2015                      

Brooks Cota St Check out

Santa Barbara, CA

-Checked out equipment to students and facility.

-Opened and closed building.

-Maintained studio space.

-Assisted students with photo and video gear.


Jan. 2015 -  May 2015       

Teaching Assistant- Brooks Institute

Santa Barbara, CA

-Watched over digital lab.

-Assisted students with inkjet printing.

-Assisted students with computer trouble shooting.

-Made sure Epson printer were properly working at all times.


Dec. 2014 and 2015        

Meridian Group: Event Photographer

Santa Barbara, CA

-Photographed children and people on Santa’s lap.

-Worked with children.

-Using soft boxes.

-Photographed music and activities.


May - Aug. 2014

Internship with artists Joyce Wilson

Santa Barbara, CA

 -Assisted with photography workshops.

 -Assisted with Photoshop.

-Creating unique prints non-digitally and digitally.

-Archiving and Organizing her prints.

-Learned techniques such as: etchings, encaustic, printing on unique papers and surfaces, and much more.


Apr. 2014

Assistant to artist Sol Hill

Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, CA

-Helped create his unique painting-like prints for Photo LA.

-Worked booth at Photo LA engaging patrons in conversation about his work in order to sell his work.


Summer 2011

Study abroad program: Mexico, Art and Cultural Transformation                                       

Veracruz, Mexico.

-Created jewelry, printmaking, and ceramics.

-Adapting to changes quickly.

-Adapting to knew languages and customs.

-Intense daily Traveling.

-Documented trip on 35mm Film.


Aug. 2011

La Ceiba Grafica

Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico

-Worked with master print makers; Per Anderson, Martin Vinaver, and Rafael Ruiz.

-Learned lithography.

-Took portraits of participants.


Aug. 2010 - May 2012                 

President of FOCUS- Art Director

Milwaukee, WI  

-Focus is University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s photography club.

-Leadership skills.

-Teaching skills.

-Origination skills.

-Project manager of gallery spaces.

-Exhibition Director.

-Exhibition promoter.


Sept. 2009 - May 2012                

Photo Lab Technician (University Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Milwaukee, WI

-Film Development assistant and caretaker.

-Darkroom assistant and caretaker.

-Digital print lab assistant and caretaker.


Sept. 2008 - May 2009               

Living Learning Community

Milwaukee, WI

-Community volunteering.

-Created public Art.

-Worked with kids.

-Photo documentation.

-Small local showing of photographs (not mentioned in exhibition list).




Photographer’s FORUME best of photography 2015: Finalist. (Also published in FORUME best of photography 2015 book.)


Photographer’s FORUME best of college and high school photography: honorable mention. (Also published in FORUME best of college and high school 2012 book.)